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Storage Tips

Here are some helpful storage tips when it comes time to move into your Honesdale and Dyberry Self Storage unit. Please use this section as a guide to safe and proper storage for your valued goods at home, in your attic, basement, garage, or at either of our convenient self storage locations.

Take extra care when packing your boxes:

  • Fill containers to capacity or fill extra space with packing materials.
  • Pack heavy items in small boxes
  • Label each box so that you can find what you need.
  • Leave space to reach the back of the unit and place frequently used items near the front.

Your dining and / or living room:

  • Wrap large lamp bases in padding and pad smaller lamps and put them in boxes.
  • Pack delicate lamp shades separately.
  • Pack mirrors, windows, and record albums on edge.
  • Pack books flat and put boxes with books or papers on skids or pallets to prevent moisture absorption (from humidity).

Your kitchen and / or bathroom:

  • Appliances should be clean and dry.
  • Leave refrigerator or freezer doors ajar and free of food
  • Some goods can be stored in appliances or stacked on top.
  • Dishes and glassware boxes should have a layer of padding on top and on bottom, and each item should be wrapped.
  • Nest bowls and cups and stand plates on end. Fill all pockets with padding.

Your bedroom, clothing, and furniture:

  • Clothing, curtains, and drapes should be cleaned and stored on hangers.
  • Stand sofas and mattresses on end and store on pallet or plastic sheet.
  • Disassemble beds and tables and put them upside down on the floor.
  • Stack boxes on dressers and use dressers to store delicate items.

Your attic, garage, and holiday/seasonal items:

  • Metal objects like tools and bikes should be wiped with a rag containing machine oil to avoid rust.
  • Save and use original holiday decoration cartons.
  • Wrap Christmas lights around a piece of cardboard, and put packing paper or newsprint around all of this inside of the box.
  • Pack outdoor furniture, seat cushions, and umbrellas in plastic.
Thoroughly vacuum all upholstered furniture. One crumb can attract pests.
While on the subject of pests, make sure to check the kids pockets for goodies.
Give your wood furniture a good coating of polish before storing it.
Try to use one or two size boxes. That makes it easier to stack them. Dishes and books get heavy, so use small boxes for easier lifting. Use wardrobe boxes for better clothing. They can be reused for off season clothing.
When packing clothing, do not put mothballs in the boxes - they will stain.
Fill boxes completely to avoid collapsing. Use news print, styrofoam peanuts or bubble wrap. Seal boxes completely to keep dust out.
Use a Box Inventory form to keep track of box contents. The information will make the job easier if you need to locate something.
Try to disassemble large furniture as much as possible. Remove table legs, tie together and label. Put screws and hardware in a plastic bag and attach to furniture.
We recommend mattress covers for all bedding. Mattress covers, boxes and assorted moving supplies are available in our offices at discounted prices.
Never store food other than canned goods in your space. Food attracts pests.
Place more valuable items in the back of your space and furniture towards the front. If you are storing for a long period, especially during seasonal changes, remember to place items you might need where you can get to them.
Inventory your electronics and valuable items prior to storing and keep inventory with you. If you have valuable antiques, they should be inventoried as well. You may want to photograph pieces being stored.
When placing upholstered items or bedding in your space, use pallets or pieces of wood to avoid contact with concrete or metal.
It's a good idea to place boxes on pallets to allow air to circulate under and around them. Try not to stack them to high. You can place boxes on top of dressers and appliances.
Avoid storing items such as glass water filled globes during the winter - they may freeze. Avoid storing items such as candles during the hot weather - they could melt. Just use common sense.
We suggest placing drop cloths over your "stuff." This helps to protect from dust.
Create an aisle down the center of your space for easy access to your "stuff."
Most importantly, come visit your "stuff" on a nice breezy day and leave the door open for awhile to help with air circulation.
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